Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Goodwill Hunting:)

No, not the movie....I was Goodwill hunting today and found this cutie-pie buffet table for such a steal! I have been wanting to redo one of these and the stars must have aligned for me today because it was ready and waiting for me when I arrived to the furniture section of Goodwill. Finders-keepers!

It was definitely in need of some Chair-ity tlc and I was excited to load it up and take it home. Now, I know that most of my redo's have been white with dark stain....but there is a reason for that.
#1, I like the way that combination of colors looks together, and #2, I am commited to using up all of my materials that I have already in my home before I start spending money on new paint colors!:)

So...I hope you don't think that my buffet table is boring, but here she is. It was a 1 hour redo! Woohoo!