About Chair-ity

It all began with a car ride...

Recently, after listening to a radio broadcast of Dave Ramsey, my husband told me a story about a man who was making a difference in his community and his financial freedom by flipping furniture. His story inspired me!

I could do that!

I have always had a knack for fixing things and refinishing old pieces of furniture. When I'm not busy teaching my 4th graders, I find myself LOVING the times when I get to scoop up a super deal on furniture through Craigslist or at a garage sale and making it my own. So, I had an idea.......

For the last few years, I have had the opportunity to volunteer at a Hospice benefit auction for Wings of Hope in Allegan, Michigan. I have been floored by the amount of support that people were willing to give for this wonderful cause. Did you know that Hospice care is FREE to anyone? Donations from people like you and I allow Hospice to give quality care to people who deserve to be comfortable during the last phase of their life. It is estimated that it costs Hospice around $150 per day, per patient to cover medication ...and it's completely free for the families who need it!

Here's where Chair-ity comes into play. As a teacher, I have not been able to donate much of my salary to this wonderful cause but I think that I've figured out a way that I can help! I am taking my furniture refurbishing hobby and DONATING a portion of my profits from my furniture sales to Wings of Hope Hospice!! I am going to start with a goal of being able to donate $500 by December.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in making a donation to Chair-ity. I look forward to hearing from you!