Tuesday, June 5, 2012

40 Down, 460 to go!

As noted in the post above, I've already made my first sale! Because my primary goal is to follow in the steps of Dave Ramsey and pay off debt as well as give back to the community, I will be not only making donations to Wings of Hope Hospice with each sale but also taking footsteps to becoming debt free.

Things are already headed in the right direction...

Interested in making a donation of your own? It's simple! Click on the Contact tab and email me so we can make arrangements.

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  1. I am the luckiest girl in the world to teach across the hall from the "Chair-ity Chick"! She is so beautiful (inside and out), funny, stylish, thoughtful, and creative! As a matter of fact, those traits have been passed down from her very talented and generous family. I've seen before and after photos of what "Charity Chick", and her equally handy husband, have done to their own home to make some MAAAAAAAAAJOR updates. It's fabulous, hip, and could easily
    be in a magazine! I'm so happy for "CC", anyone who is lucky enough to snap up any of her
    pieces, and the families who'll be able to benefit from the care of Hospice due to her
    "Rock (-ing chair) ON!
    Sweet Mama