Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Popularity of Chairity

I am sure that there are many bloggers out there that get hundreds, if not thousands of hits on their blogs everyday. I feel like I'm winning something everytime I see the number of visitors has increased!!  Does my dork-o-meter rise if I say that I was overjoyed when I saw how many hits that I had within my first 24 hours? :)

Through word-of-mouth and the lovely internet, a family in Portage heard about my desire to help with donations to Hospice. I was humbled to find out that they want to donate some pieces of furniture to me this week that belonged to a family member who was supported by Hospice. How cool is that?!?

This is just the beginning of a wonderful path ahead.....Baby steps toward my goal....

Here is my newest flip of the night---after a little distressing and a new seat cushion I think it's ready for a new home!

1 comment:

  1. This is SO cool, Kristen!!! Love the fact that you're taking your creativity and talent, and using it for good. Can't wait to see the progress!